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The documents and tools presented on this site were initially developed for jails. Since the new methodology was introduced 1987, the methodology or elements of the process have been used in prisons, community corrections facilities, pre-release centers, juvenile correctional facilities, assisted living facilities, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, court security, and other entities.

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     ♦  PREA Staffing Plan resources and tools from 3rd Edition  

Jail staff costs comprise over two-thirds of annual jail operating costs. Managing this valuable, critical and costly resource poses challenges for jail managers and policymakers. In 1987, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) offered a new resource, the NIC Staffing Analysis Workbook for Jails, First Edition. Written for NIC by Rod Miller and Dennis R. Liebert, the Workbook described a new, systematic approach to staffing analysis and presented new methodologies to the field. Many jails embraced the NIC Workbook and its methodology. NIC updated it in 2001. NIC sponsored the development of a 3rd Edition in 2012, which is still being finalized (click here for 3rd Edition.) Rod Miller and John E. Wetzel are the principal authors of the 3rd Edition.

Articles from Sheriff Magazine


At the request of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), CRS developed 21 articles about staffing analysis and scheduling. These explore many facets of staffing in more detail. Read the Sheriff’s Magazine Articles

Staffing Analysis Process

The nine steps of the new staffing analysis are:


Using the NIC staffing analysis process provides the opportunity to literally connect all of the staffing decisions and practices with the budget—in effect to show where each dollar of the budget is spent in the jail.

Documents and Tools Available

Final Draft 3rd Edition Jail Staffing Analysis. Still a work in progress, the 3rd Edition draft incorporates all of the new information and tools developed over the past 25 years, including Appendix A provides a “Project Manager’s Guide” that helps the person who is charged with managing the staffing analysis project to organize and implement the process.

3rd Ed Jail Staff Analysis rev June 2016

PREA Staffing Plan resources and tools from 3rd Edition

Excel Forms for 3rd EditionWorksheets that correspond to the steps in the 3rd Edition.

“Auto-Post” Excel Programs. This zipped folder has three Excel based programs—for intermittent activities (Step 2), coverage (Steps 3 and 4) and scheduling (Step 5.) Instructions are also provided. Enter information into the datasheet of each file and 7-day worksheets are created, along with daily and 7-day graphs.

Sheriff Magazine Staffing Series Articles. All 21 of the articles published by the National Sheriffs’ Association in Sheriff magazine. These explore many facets of staffing and scheduling in detail.


VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT tools and methods identify security problems and solutions

Final Draft JVA Handbook and Appendices



Sample reports:

Pre_Release Center Staffing Analysis Montgomery Co MD

Bernalillo County NM Operations and Staffing Review Metro Detention Center Feb 2013

Summit County [Akron] OH Phase Two Report STAFFING PLAN 2013

Hennepin County MN Staffing Analysis Report Jan 2008

Lucas County OH [Toledo] Sheriffs Staffing and Operational Review



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Aug 15 Tables ACA By the Hour Workshop


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